As a camper at NFJ, we offer you a range of welfare facilities, here is a overview of facilities.


  • We have sauna at the campsite, for rates click here.

bonfire hut:

  • We offer a lovely bonfire hut, with a lovely view over the sea, you can see it here. Here you can cook, make pancakes and so on.


  • There is Wi-Fi connection almost everywhere on the campsite, for rates click here.

Kiosk / reception:

  • Arrival and departure.
  • Bread.
  • Soda, Beer and Wine
  • Ice
  • Small essentials
  • Gas sales.
  • Lists of miscellaneous attractions.

Tent kitchen - Everything is free for Tent campers.

  • Freezer / refrigerator - but mostly for tent campers.
  • Oven, microwave, cooking zones.
  • Hot water.
  • Pots, pans, kettles, etc., for free use, remember to wash off after use: o).


Common room / TV room:

  • Television.
  • Books and magazines for free.
  • Various board games.
  • Remember every Saturday. 18 are common grill ready, bring your own food and drink, it costs only 5,- DKK per participant for charcoal.



Bathroom / Washroom:

  • Showers with free hot water for overnight campers and beach visitors / guests.
  • Changing table for the smallest of small bathtub for infants.
  • Washbasins with mirror.
  • 220V plugs for shavers and hairdryers.
  • Washing machine, pole to 20,- DKK - purchased in kiosk.
  • Dryer, pole to 20,- DKK purchased in kiosk (drive for approx. 2½ hours on a pole).




  • Toilet for handicapped persons with wash basin, shower and chair, and handicap friendly toilet.
  • Ordinary toilets.




  • Here are all our garden tools, lawn mowers, etc. stored.



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